Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nibiru and Sirius

Sitchin makes some interesting points in his books. There is, however, lots to be debated. I find that one of the things that’s impressive is his translations of the Sumerian texts describing the planets accurately. An accuracy that was against scientific thought o the time, but later proven correct by the Voyager probes. What this says, is that to some degree he was either lucky or his translations were accurate. Which would mean, the Sumerians knew more about our own solar system than we did. Just like most ancient cultures. Not to mention the absolutely mind boggling possibilities that recent discoveries like Nabta Playa in Egypt bring up. If the data is correct and Egyptians 8000+ years ago could create an accurate map of the Milky Way, then... I guess the question, “How?”, just opens up some incredible answers. It doesn’t mean ET’s were here, either. Maybe they understood the connection between consciousness and reality far better than we do, which wouldn’t be hard, and could go where they wanted. Maybe the map is of an inner space that is as above. Maybe they had a technology more advanced than ours, after all, to this day we could not build the great pyramid, even with all our technology. The Dogon tribe knew of Sirius and it’s Triary nature before we even knew it was a binary star, and we can’t even confirm the Triary star system yet, we just suspect it now. The examples go on and on. It occurred to me, though, that although Sitchin’s theory of Nibiru is likely wrong, maybe it was just mistranslated wrong. It has been suggested that Nibiru is Sirius. But what if Nibiru is merely a planet around Sirius? Ok, so let’s think this out, one of the main problems with the theory is that any planet with a 3600 year orbit is unlikely to support human like life, of which the Annunaki are supposed to be. But, if said planet was in a different star system, it’s ability to support life would be different. What if, Nibiru orbits Sirius. And Sirius, well, there is a GOOD amount of evidence to prove that we are a gravitational binary of Sirius, aka, Sol and Sirius make a binary system of their own, both orbiting a shared center of gravity. This connection successfully explains the precession of the equinox, which current science can not, although they pretend otherwise (kind of like how they can’t explain the existence of the moon). So, maybe, just maybe, the Annunaki do exist, and they do exist on a planet called Nibiru, it just isn’t orbiting our Sun. Just a thought.

I am myself unconvinced in any ancient astronaut theory, as I believe it is unnecessary to explain things. I think a thriving ancient culture existed that was more advanced by far than we are now. I think to understand that you have to open your mind as to what constitutes an advanced culture. Their line of progression may have been far removed from ours, which would explain how they knew so much more. What we see in Egypt, India, and almost everywhere else in the distant past is a record of that. Information to be kept for the future when it could be understood again. And to every moron who says something like the following; “Well, if there was some advanced culture in our past, why don’t we find their coke cans and other garbage?” I think the simplest answer is, they didn’t have any coke cans to find. We are stupid. We are wasteful. We put money and commerce over enlightenment and wisdom. There is no reason to believe that they were the same way. They were clearly smarter than we are, so why demean them with such a question. I am sure they had their own problems, but just because we make a horrid mess of the place, doesn’t mean they did.

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