Friday, November 29, 2013

Book Review: The Exodus Reality by Scott Alan Roberts and John Richard Ward

This is a fascinating piece of work. The authors, who hold different views on the subject of Moses and the Exodus, have interwoven their theories in this book. They both have compelling ideas, and both make good cases. At the core of this, is their attempt to discover if there is an actual historical component to the Exodus story in the Old Testament. There is no direct evidence of its reality, so Scotty and John look for secondary evidence. Did someone exist in Egypt who may have fit the profile of Moses. Who were the people he supposingly led to freedom? They attempt to decipher the faith from the facts, to see what the real story beneath may have been. John reveals a story of cataclysm and a fight for survival, while Scotty takes, what seems like a more, literal, path. They do not spend much time tackling the miracles involved, and write it off as a matter of faith. Their main focus is to see if there is any historical personage that could have been Moses. They have found two. We may never know if they are right, but it is a compelling read.

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